Bright is the new Black!

Fashion Bitters is proud to present our new range of pocket squares, and it’s bound to get those heads turning for all the right reasons. This beautiful, colour‐heavy design, illustrated with powerful symbols is exactly the bold statement your power suit is missing. It’s true that fashion accessories can really make or break an outfit, and this pocket square should be first on your list of finishing touches.

But is colour acceptable in a world of black and blue?

In short, yes! Gone are the days where bland, boring suits were the only acceptable form of workwear. In 2020, it’s time to express ourselves with our outfit choices, so why not combine a classic sharp suit with this bright and energetic pocket square to give your daily get‐up that extra edge.

Ultimately, isn’t the goal of business to create memorable first ﴾and lasting﴿ impressions? With this ultimate fashion accessory, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and do just that. If you feel restricted and unable to express your personality through your standard work uniform, accessories like this pocket square are a really great way to let your natural charisma and energy shine through!

So, what does wearing colour say about you?

First and foremost, it is the ultimate symbol of self‐confidence. You know your worth and don’t simply wish to fade into the background with everyone else. Of course, confidence in your own abilities is a great asset in a business environment, so choosing to embrace this quality through your fashion choices is a savvy idea.

Secondly, colour gives you an edge in letting the fun and quirky side of your personality shine through. Whilst professionalism is important when meeting potential clients or business partners, showing your more fun and relatable side can foster a greater sense of trust and rapport. What you choose to wear can certainly play a role in creating the right impression. Strike the perfect balance between professionalism and fun with this stylish pocket square.

As for the design itself, this accessory is unapologetically bright and bold, just like you! The fiery yellows and oranges in the design represent your fearless drive and ambition, and the more natural pink, purple

and green hues provide a beautiful contrast. This pocket square consists of various images, each symbolic of specific valuable traits.

For example, the snakes prominent in this design may represent fearlessness, but also serve as a reminder to stay in touch with your spirituality. The tree branches depicted behind the snakes are a subtle reminder to stay in touch with nature –perhaps for you they may represent the all important balance between hard work and taking time for rest and recuperation.

The final and arguably the most powerful image depicted in this pocket square is the lotus flower – a universal symbol of growth, healing and determination. Of course, all three of these qualities are essential in the world of business. This symbol highlights the importance of taking time to work on personal growth, and of staying focused and ambitious even when the going gets tough.

In conclusion, this beautiful pocket square is the perfect addition to your work attire for a multitude of reasons. First of all, adding bright colours to your fashion accessories makes a powerful statement about who you are and secondly, the symbols within this pocket square allow you to keep the core values of success close to your heart at all times.

Fashion Bitters is all about everyday luxury – we want to help you create a bold and meaningful statement with your fashion accessories. This pocket square will do just that!