It’s no doubt that people correlate women with alphas. The reason is because alphas are one of fourteen personalities people may acquire and are mostly known for their strength, confidence and leadership. They are hard‐working and assertive in a way that would intimidate the opponent, but when it comes to protecting their own, they would give up their life.

Women who are most closely related to alpha personality are an inspiration to those who aren’t or are just trying to find their true selves. Alphas might seem furious and powerful, but deep down, they are sarcastic and playful. Back in the olden days, women were just looked up as just ‘people who needed to give birth and take care of children,’ but now, society has been kind to them and the number of alphas is growing by the day because every girl out there is beginning to understand her strength and polish her weaknesses. Furthermore, an alpha woman knows her limits, and also knows how to stand out of the crowd and embrace her sexuality.

Alphas are such an inspiration and undoubtedly, we found inspiration in them as we mulled over what design to create that people could wear to celebrity their tribes, their origins, and their sexual preference.

Alphas are females who inspire and motivate others through their words, skills and ambitions. They are the epitome of courage and are natural leaders. Alphas can easily self‐identify themselves and showcase their abilities freely to the world.

They are achievers and one could say overly‐competitive as well. In our generation, we could say that the alphas were Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, Lilly Singh, Michelle Obama, Indra Nooyi, and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few. Interestingly, female alphas are different from male alphas in many areas.

As stated by historian professor, Joanna Bourke, alpha women have the ability to change people’s lives for the better; be it through their impressive identity, their philosophies, or writings. Unlike male alphas, they tend to acknowledge their mistakes and strive to become better at the game of life.

While the term ‘alpha’ was used to label men, the idea of a female being an alpha as well has changed through the generations because of strong women like the above‐mentioned ones who fought for their rights. Each and every alpha has their own style and their own way of dressing up which only urges us to create a scarf that matches their personality. A scarf is the perfect way to show they rule, that they are strong up‐front, and that they don’t need anyone’s approval to be on the right path.

Alphas make an impact to the world and not just with their attitude, but with the way they hold and show themselves. A scarf on the head would mean that they are fighting for their rights, while a scarf tied on their wrist would indicate that they are seeking justice for someone or something.

Alpha females also recognize and understand each other’s emotions, which is touching because no two women who are strong can be in the same picture, but the alpha sacrifices her position and gives the spotlight to those who really need it. They may get emotional at times but their heart is as wide as the ocean.

Another aspect to an alpha female is that they are quite social and tend to make businesses work. Such a woman in a society could change the world with just a snap of their finger and that’s what we move the most about them. They are obsessed with winning and would go to any lengths to learn the skills they lack or are unaware of just to prove a point. An alpha female also teaches herself to appreciate her own ability, to resolve challenges, and learn from their own experiences because as we all know it, the best teacher one could find is ourselves.

Without doubt, today’s alphas are growing quickly as they read constantly and learn about different topics so that they can be an all‐rounder. One more aspect which we must respect of an alpha is their mental strength that allows them to be physically strong as well. They are also often sought after for their advices and wise‐decisions which is what makes them a great leader and guardian of those working for and with her.

Being an alpha isn’t easy, but with practice and perseverance, anything is possible. Any girl can become an alpha as long as she learns, teaches others, always looks out for new opportunities and opens doors that are meant to be opened. One might say that only males can be alphas, but they are wrong. Females can be alphas too; and a better one at that since women are multi‐taskers, have high intelligence and are known to be strong both emotionally and physically in times of stressful situations.

A female alpha empowers others and is a good role model for both young girls and teenagers. She encourages people to help others, to be obedient to parents, and to always be honest in dealings no matter how big or small the business may be. A female alpha is more than just a word that you find in a dictionary, it’s how females are identifying themselves these days. It’s how those who want their voices to be heard by millions identify themselves as.

In the end, being an alpha doesn’t mean that you need to style yourself as a powerful being or look beautiful. Being a female alpha simply means walking with confidence, having enough knowledge to break up a fight, and running a business without asking anyone’s help.

The role of the alpha gave Fashion Bitters the idea to create a beautiful and unique scarf that can be worn by anyone and make them feel that they are the alpha of the town.